Who Am I?

Laura ScholzDSC_0133

LAR-uh SHOH-lz

noun   Atlanta, Georgia


  1. Promoter.
  2. Communicator.
  3. Distance runner.
  4. Pilates Passionista.
  5. Southerner.
  6. Dreamer.
  7. Bibliophile.
  8. Audiophile.
  9. Oenophile.
  10.  Lover of life.


These are but a few of the things that define me.

I’m a lifelong Southerner who’s madly in love with my adopted city of Atlanta.

I’m a communicator by profession, a fitness lover by passion.

I’m a distance runner with a mean competitive streak, and a certified Pilates instructor who loves sharing my love for health and wellness with others.

I’m a writer, a devoted wife, a certifiable cheese dip addict, a networker, a lover of people, a hater of cancer, a pretend foodie, a sometimes klutz, and an all-the-time word nerd. No matter the title with which I’m branded, however, I’m committed to wearing it with style.

Born and raised in South Carolina, I’m a graduate of Furman University and earned my M.A.  in Arts Policy & Administration from The Ohio State University, and the cold and gloom sent me packing back down South the first chance I could get. I moved to Atlanta for my first grown-up job (yay!), a boy (not so yay) in September 2000 and have been working and living here every since.

I’m the founder of Scholz Communications: an off-the-beaten-path PR firm that fosters the ideas and dreams of creative sector and mission-based entrepreneurs. If your business needs a new approach, if you are as passionate about your business as I am about mine, let’s talk about ways to get you where you want to be, authentically, creatively, and in a way that’s uniquely yours.